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 Title: Q.T.
 Artist: Richard Elliot
 Album: Crush
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Richard Elliot - Q.T.

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 Title: You Don't Have To Go Home
 Artist: Boney James
 Album: Pure
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Boney James - You Don’t Have To Go Home

Such a sexy song!!!

dear, 2:45pm

Time has stopped for me as this song flows through my speakers and cool fall breeze blows through my balcony screen door. I sit back and appreciate this special day.

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Your smile make life more beautiful.



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90% of Californication is dumb jokes, unnecessary sex scenes and the characters sitting around smoking weed.

The other 10% is things like this. This 10% makes up for the rest of it.

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Something about her is quite irresistible, no? 

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SOURCE: DuchovnyCentral

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Sally: Are you in love with Peter?
Clarissa: Oh, love… I don’t know.
Sally: But you love me.

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